Sandvik Mining & Rock Solutions Customer Story

With a 68% reduction in time spent acquiring tools since integrating CRIBWISE, Jani Savinainen, Supply Chain Manager at Sandvik Mining and Rock Solutions says: Digitalisation is an essential part of the manufacturing and supply chain nowadays. You need much more agility, a seamless flow between different operations. CRIBWISE is the perfect match to our needs.

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Key Features

Stock Optimization


This Artificial Intelligence feature analyzes and optimizes stock levels of consumable items in a fraction of the time a stock manager would need, controlling costs and ensuring precision. Learn more

Work Order Management


Access tool consumption per work order or attach certain tools to use based on a unique work order. Make sure your operators allocate the right tools for the specific job to be carried out.

Spare Part Management


Identify the parts you’ll need to have on hand to keep your machines running. Access related items such as spare parts via the built-in catalogue connection to several leading cutting tool manufacturers. 

Automated Purchase & Service Orders


Minimize administrative tasks and let CRIBWISE take care of your purchase & service management. Generate and automate purchase orders with no human interaction and make sure you never run low on stock.

Automated Dispense Management


CRIBWISE provides optimised utilisation by automatically dispensing reconditioned and used items before prioritising brand new ones.

Manufacturer Catalog


Use CRIBWISE built-in catalogue connections and empower your team with easy and fast access to inventory related data and information from several leading cutting tool manufacturers. Learn more

Don’t just make things, make things happen


Up to 10% immediate reduction on tool usage costs 


Consumption of Personal Protective Equipment cut by almost 40%


Circa 30% decline on on-hand inventory levels 

Grow your business whilst reducing costs

With our simple, easy to use and full customisable Tool, Inventory and Order Management System.