Does your industry face challenging machining processes?

Let tooling and manufacturing inventory management reduce the load

CRIBWISE supports modern machine shops and production units across industries to set up smart inventory management that offers connectivity and automation. Our partnership with industry’s best storage system providers will help you to manage tooling inventory, spare parts, PPE, assemblies and other manufacturing supplies efficiently.


CRIBWISE is also ideal for open storage applications for customers who do not require additional security. Automated purchasing and order administration will allow you to save time and increase productivity.


From general industry to automotive, aerospace, medical, power generation and energy, CRIBWISE offers you a complete control over management of tooling and manufacturing inventory.


General Industry

Manufacturers serving general industry customers are looking for new ways to reduce cost, improve efficiencies and increase productivity. Ensuring quality, delivery, and price competitiveness are top priorities.


Valmet, a Finnish supplier to the paper-making industry, was looking for a new solution to manage growing inventory and reduce costs. Using CRIBWISE tooling and manufacturing inventory management software, they gained complete control of their inventory and consumable items, cutting losses by 50%.


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Automotive (and other vehicle manufacturing)

From OEMs to tier 1 and tier 2 suppliers, cutting tool management and tool management systems are a vital part of the automotive shop floor. The same is true for manufacturers of trucks and agricultural, off-road or recreational vehicles. For automotive and special vehicle manufacturers or parts suppliers, manufacturing inventory management systems offer several important advantages. CRIBWISE will help you to lower inventory levels, reduce handling costs, minimize downtime due to lack of tools, and manage obsolescence.


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CRIBWISE is designed to secure and simplify the process of booking, returning and tracking tools needed for manufacturing critical components for aircraft including parts and assemblies for engine, airframe and landing gear. Using our digital tool management system, you can ensure the right items are in stock and available to keep production at capacity and avoid delays. We have partnered with industry’s best inventory management and storage solution providers who offer a complete range of storage systems including industrial vending machines, tool cabinets, chests, and drawers.


Learn how CRIBWISE can help you to streamline and automate tool handling process.


Medical / Pharmaceutical

Shorter lead times and cost implications are putting pressure on medical manufacturers to invest in new technologies and processes that facilitate legal compliance. Tool management and knowing the availability and condition of tools is vital for compliance and safety. From punches and dies used to make pharmaceutical tablets, to the tooling required for medical device and orthopaedic implant manufacturing, all are subject to legislation and auditory compliance and should be tracked and accounted for at all times. CRIBWISE is a state-of-the-art inventory management system for tooling and manufacturing inventory, spare parts, PPE and assemblies. With a choice of installation types, CRIBWISE ensures that tooling is never a cause for delay in the production schedule.


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oil gas

Power Generation and Energy (including Gas, Oil and Mining)

Manufacturers in the power generation and energy sectors require well-equipped production facilities for engineering and manufacturing large-scale components such as turbine (blades), shafts, rotors or miles of pipelines used in oil and gas applications. The CRIBSWISE tooling and manufacturing inventory management system ensures faster set-ups, reduces downtime and increases productivity.


Global leaders like Sandvik Mining and Rock rely on CRIBWISE to manage their tooling inventory while they focus on rock excavation. See how they have succeeded.


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