Does your industry face challenging machining processes?

Let tool inventory management reduce the load.

CRIBWISE helps modern machine shops and factories across industries to manage their tooling inventory, spare parts and consumables and streamline their purchasing processes, reducing cost and time. From automotive and aerospace to mining and beyond, CRIBWISE is used across industries as an inventory management system to support manufacturers.



General industry manufacturers face equally challenging times and are looking for new ways to reduce cost, improve efficiencies and increase productivity. Finnish supplier to the paper-making industry, Valmet, did just this. They got complete control of their tooling inventory and consumable items, slashing losses by 50%.


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CRIBWISE is designed to secure and simplify the process of booking, returning and tracking tools needed for manufacturing critical components for aircraft. A digital tool management system for world-leading airlines and MROs, will deliver higher productivity and reduce inefficient processes. Airline mechanics are constantly signing out tools and materials so by using CRIBWISE, a secure tool management software for airlines, MROs save time and money with a streamlined and automated tool handling process.


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Tool management and knowing the availability and condition of tools is vital for compliance and safety. From tracking the punches and dies used to make pharmaceutical tablets, medical devices and medicines, they are subject to legislation and auditory compliance in almost all countries around the world. Shorter lead times and cost implications are putting pressure on medical manufacturers to invest in new technologies and processes to ensure companies comply with legal requirements whilst ensuring that tooling is never a cause for delay in the production schedule.


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Gas, Oil and Mining Industry

Global leaders like Sandvik Mining and Rock rely on CRIBWISE to manage their tooling inventory while they focus on rock excavation. It has proven to reduce tooling costs by 10% and time spent acquiring tools by 58%. Across the oil, gas and mining industries, businesses from Enterprise to SMEs have benefited from faster set-ups, reduced downtime and increased productivity.


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oil gas


From OEMs to tier 1 and tier 2 suppliers, cutting tool management and tool management systems are a vital part of the shop floor. As a car manufacturer or manufacturer of parts for automotive, a tool management system will lower inventory levels, reduce handling costs, minimalize downtime due to lack of tools, and help to better manage obsolescence.


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