Choosing An Inventory Management Solution

Need help deciding how to best manage your tooling and returnable assets?

It begins with two criteria – physical location and a process. The rest is a matter of security preferences and achieving greater business efficiency. Making those choices strategically can have a major impact on productivity and profitability.

We can guide you through the issues to pinpoint the approach that works with your current process, and if you don’t have one, we will help you with that, too. The choices you make begin with understanding what you have in place now.

Which one below best describes your current process?

Software only installation


If three or more of these topics describe your operations, you may be well-suited for a software only installation. With that, you will have all data, functionality and accountability needed for a streamlined inventory with automated processes.


  • Proven processes 
  • Higher trust and familiarity 
  • Smaller workforce 
  • Low workforce turnover / highly trained 
  • Single / fewer work shifts 
  • Lower security / easier (quicker) access 
  • Smaller facilities, fewer machines, less proximity issues 
  • Lower value inventory – consumables and PPE 
  • Limited budget for capital equipment expenditures 
  • Existing hardware installation – capable of integration

Software and Hardware


When proximity and security are of higher priority, you may be a candidate for a hardware enclosure. We offer several choices to suit a wide range of needs. Answer ‘yes’ to three or more of these statements below, then click ‘more info’ for our suite of storage solutions.


  • Needed process development
  • Lower trust and familiarity
  • Larger workforce
  • High workforce turnover / the need for training
  • Second and third work shifts
  • Higher security / greater accountability and control
  • Larger facilities, many machines, needed proximity to machining cell
  • Higher value inventory – special tooling and measuring equipment
  • Budgeted for capital equipment expenditures
  • No current hardware and / or no existing hardware integration possible

Plans that suit the shop floor needs

Software Only

  • CRIBWISE Starter

  • Cloud Software Solution


  • CRIBWISE Professional

  • Cloud Software With Storage Solution

Tailored Solutions

  • CRIBWISE Enterprise

  • Cloud Or On Premise Storage Solution


Cloud software

Cabinets with controlled access

Cabinet offline capability

On premise software

Software features available through all CRIBWISE offerings



    • Tool manufacturer catalog services
    • ISO 13399 compatibility
    • Spare part management
    • Tools united catalog service*
    • Tool dispense management
    • Data management
    • User management


    • Stock management
    • Asset control
    • Inventory classification
    • Supplier access management
    • Consignment capability
    • Reporting and analytics
    • Cost allocation management
    • Real-time dashboards


    • Service management
    • Automated ordering
    • Work order management
    • ERP-integrations
    • API capability
    • Customizable purchase order templates
    • TDM-systems integration**
* Subscription required
** TDM license required

CRIBWISE customers have reduced tooling and equipment inventory costs by as much as 20%


Up to 10% immediate reduction on tool usage costs 


Consumption of Personal Protective Equipment cut by almost 40% 


Circa 30% decline on on-hand inventory levels 

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