Seamless and smooth set up

At CRIBWISE, we understand that a successful installation and onboarding process is key to unlocking the full potential of our powerful tooling inventory management software. We help customers to get started quickly and be trained efficiently and effectively, to allow our solution to deliver business value, and for customers to reap the benefits, at the earliest opportunity.

Installation & onboarding process

We believe that successful installation and onboarding is achieved when the customer:


  • Feels supported and guided throughout the onboarding journey
  • Develops a comfortable level of confidence in using the solution
  • Begins to recognize the initial value from the solution

Please note: For every installation and onboarding project, a distinct set of activities may be necessary. The assessment of these requirements will be conducted on a project-by-project basis.

Customer onboarding and installation packages

We offer various installation and onboarding packages depending on the customer’s needs, and with each we promise to deliver:


  • A proven, ready-to-use solution
  • Support with data imports and setting configurations
  • Training on the full solution – software and hardware
  • Opportunity for post-installation follow up
  • Assurance of successful implementation.


What’s included

Customer Onboarding and Installation:
for new cloud-based customers

Two-day, in-person, onsite installation and training session

Customer Onboarding and Installation:
for new on-premise customers

Three-day, in-person, onsite installation and training session

Customer Installation:

For existing Cloud-based and On-Premise CRIBWISE customers with previously installed portal – looking to expand with new main or extension machines. Includes a one-day, in-person, onsite installation and introductory training session.

Grow your business whilst reducing costs

With our simple, easy to use and full customisable Tool, Inventory and Order Management System.