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If you’re looking for a solution that helps your customers with their production problems today, and futureproofs your business for tomorrow and beyond, then look no further. By partnering with CRIBWISE and joining our growing, successful team of resellers across the globe, you’ll have the tools you need to stay head of your competition and grow your business.

Solve today’s problems with futureproof technology


CRIBWISE was designed specifically to help with cutting and CNC tooling inventory management and solves an immediate challenge that your customers may be dealing with. Our innovative software empowers you to expand your digital product and Industry 4.0 offering and provides an entry-level solution for those who are just starting to automate.


  • Provide solutions that cover more of your customers’ shop or production floors, helping them to streamline their operations and boost efficiency.
  • As your customers scale up, you’ll be able to cross-sell and upsell solutions that meet their evolving needs.
  • By offering digital and cloud-based systems, you can attract new customers who are increasingly knowledgeable and accepting of these technologies.
  • Be able to offer your customers with a more holistic improvement of the production or shop floor with software that easily integrates with their existing systems.

Be proactive and productive


We offer our partners a full range of support services. Whether it’s for marketing or technical support, get quick and hassle-free access to any help you need from our knowledgeable and friendly team, plus our dedicated online help center.


Save time by onboarding new customers quickly, with straightforward training and no after sales issues.


Our clever software enables you to gain real-time data insight from your customers’ tooling related behaviours, which will help you to forecast sales and stock levels more effectively and quickly and clearly identify customers that will benefit from a solution optimised specifically for cutting tools.


As a reseller, you’ll also be able to more efficiently identify sales, repeat purchase and recalibration opportunities With CRIBWISE, you can speed up re-purchasing processes internally and reduce the frequency and duration of customer visits for re-stocking, improving efficiency and reducing costs. All this will help you to future-proof your business by enabling you to expand your offering to customers beyond products and provide value-added services.

“The team behind CRIBWISE is incredibly knowledgeable about tool management, with experience of working with all sizes of industrial businesses spanning several decades with different technological solutions. They are professional, responsive, approachable and a pleasure to work with. We feel like one, unified team, working for the same goals.”


Pablo Castro, Executive and Sales Director – Adeptmec

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