CRIBWISE and Modula Lift solutions

Seemless Integration


Seamless integration of your complete shopfloor. Have one intuitive and modern UI for all storage solution on your shopfloor!


Connect and Control


Connect and control your existing Modula lift storage solution through CRIBWISE®. This integration simplifies daily work on the shop floor for operators – only one point of use storage solution software that is user friendly and intuitive. CRIBWISE® offers the same follow-up capabilities for all tooling and indirect supply, and one integration to ERP system.

CRIBWISE® Integrations


Continuing the journey to connect shopfloor logistics, create visibility and support operators and storage personnel. A simple software menu allows users to connect to Modula Lift vertically oriented automated storage solutions. Working through normal ShopFloor Interface (SFI), simply select Modula Lifters as a storage device solution. The integration works seamlessly with Modula accessories like light pointers, displays.



To be able to control the Modula lift system customer must have Modula LINK software installed and configured for the machines to be controlled by CRIBWISE®. 


• Customer need to add the “Modula storage device controller” as addon to enable the Modula Lift option when creating the storage device in CRIBWISE®. 

• The PC where CRIBWISE® SFI is installed need to have access to cloud for synching and also have network access to the server where Modula LINK software is installed. 



When installation/onboarding is to be performed by CRIBWISE® for the SFI, all perquisites below must be in place at the customer site: 


  • LINK Software installed with network connection open to SFI computer 
  • IP address and port to LINK software available 
  • Machine number available (default 1) 
  • Opening address to where SFI should be installed and controlling Modula solution 
  • Number of trays in the solution 
  • Tray dimensions (in mm to be able to build the stock structure in SFI and for Laser pointer) 
  • SFI computer network access to cloud for regular synch to Admin Portal. 


Any failed prerequisite causing delay or failed installation of SFI by CRIBWISE® installation partner already onsite, will be invoiced and new installation needs to be ordered. 



Modula solutions can be configured to have multiple openings on a single storage unit. For example: one opening per floor or a shuttle with one opening in front and another in the back for the same lift. CRIBWISE® does not support this. Only one opening for same storage unit can be controlled by CRIBWISE® SFI.

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