Why it’s time for CribWise


Inventory management plays a vital role in operating a successful business within the manufacturing industry. Uncontrolled tooling inventory piles up easily, rapidly reaching hundreds of thousands of dollars in hidden capital.


On top of this, employees can spend countless hours each year searching for specific tools instead of performing more value added work.


CribWise can be the difference between success and failure with a range of features and a modern, intelligent system, giving you complete control over tooling related inventory and purchasing processes.


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What CribWise can do for you




Keep production running and increase your machine utilization by securing access to the correct tools through CribWise’s automated purchase process.



Decrease capital employed


Visualize and optimize your inventory using built-in intelligence of ABC-classification and graphical overviews.




Optimize tool use and prolong tool life


CribWise provides optimized utilization by automatically dispensing reconditioned and used items, prior to brand new ones.




Catalog services for your vital data


A straightforward system setup from connection through to various tool data catalogs.



No more time wasted searching


Waste no time browsing the web or a paper catalog, CribWise will find the details you need with a simple search.






Get all the reporting data in the format you need. Build reports using intelligent technology.


“We had a tool inventory of $700k, about 10% of our annual turnover. CribWise reduced our stock levels and automated all orders. This allows me to lead the company forward.”


Roger Berggren, CEO – Fårbo Mekaniska