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Ever wondered how to really keep on top of your toolroom? Did you know that a tooling inventory management system can keep an eye on your tools, PPE and measuring equipment?


Uncontrolled inventory piles up easily, reaching hundreds of thousands of pounds in hidden capital. On top of this, operators spend countless hours searching for specific tools instead of being productive.

CRIBWISE gives you complete control over tooling and manufacturing inventory and purchasing processes.

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CRIBWISE customers have reduced tooling and equipment inventory costs by as much as 20%


Up to 10% immediate reduction on tool usage costs 


Consumption of Personal Protective Equipment cut by almost 40% 


Circa 30% decline on on-hand inventory levels 

What CRIBWISE can do for you

tool management



Get complete visibility of which tools are being picked and returned.



Visualise and optimise your inventory using built-in intelligence of ABC-classification and graphical overviews.



Integrate into your existing ERP and streamline the tool purchasing process.

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“We had a tool inventory of $700k, about 10% of our annual turnover. CRIBWISE reduced our stock levels and automated all orders. This allows me to lead the company forward.”


Roger Berggren, CEO – Fårbo Mekaniska

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