CRIBWISE + Monitor G5

Opening communication between inventory management and ERP Functionality

Taking The First Step: Purchase Orders


With the CRIBWISE and Monitor integration, we did just that. Monitor, a respected leader in ERP solutions, offers modules geared toward the needs of today’s manufacturers and a focus on machining. Monitor G5 offers latest ERP capability and is ideal for project-based manufacturing. Our first task was to manage purchase orders.


Ready-To-Use Integration


Synchronize purchase order data from CRIBWISE to Monitor G5 to save time and improve accuracy. Why do it twice? Skip the manual effort. The magnitude of this becomes apparent not with a single transaction, but with the hundreds, or thousands, of items that are routinely ordered to keep the shop floor running. Convenience features include:

  • Viewing purchased quantities and values in Monitor
  • Checking delivery status for orders in Monitor
  • Facilitating supplier invoice handling and approval – match the invoice with the order

Why is the Cloud Important?


Because users tend to customize their ERP systems to meet specific needs, cloud installations have become popular choices due to advancements in security and the ability to manage upgrades with minimal effort and expense. Cloud solutions relay less on consultants, training, and redundant software licenses. That’s what a cloud-based solution offers – Internet connectivity, of course, and Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), running on a network of remote servers instead of an on-premise setup. Software updates are managed by the provider and the need for equipment upgrades is less frequent.

Automate your tooling inventory, reduce tool usage costs and optimise inventory levels

How It Works


The integration works one way, by synchronizing purchase order data from CRIBWISE to the ERP . The data match / data change in CRIBWISE triggers the sync to Monitor. With that, many hours of manual input are eliminated as are any potential errors.

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