A new look at Inventory Management

Software Solution Or Hardware Enclosure

toolingName two things that come to mind when you think of new Inventory Management (IM) systems. If you said ‘cost and change’, you’re not alone. Ever since tech-based systems came on the market, the mental association has been “I need a cabinet or locker to secure my tooling and manufacturing supplies”. Today’s enclosures are robust, for sure, and available in many different configurations, offering key advantages such as high security and close (operator) proximity. And although hardware can be an important part of the solution, the larger impact of an IM system is fully realized through the power of information – and that’s a software advantage.

Accountability is the first step towards security

Systems that are well supported and have high engagement are essentially communities or hubs for sharing information about what’s needed in the shop, in use on the floor, or on its way from a vendor. That accountability includes consumable tooling, returnable items such as gages and other measurement devices, and the wide range of MRO and PPE items that are prevalent in virtually every production facility. Latest IoT systems, such as CRIBWISE, provide numerous information-based advantages including vendor ‘catalog’ connectivity (more than one million line items) offering tool data as well as to save time selecting spare parts and assemblies. Additionally, operators and managers know where items are and who is using them at all times. Connectivity also opens the way to integration into other storage solutions as well as business systems, including ERP’s. Purchasing and ordering processes can also be automated, saving time and improving overall levels and accuracy. And the list goes on.

Choosing The Best Combination

CRIBWISE uses a subscription-based model. That means software updates are continuous and designed for years of use without requiring new licenses or computer hardware upgrades. Advantage CRIBWISE. Should hardware be required, the choices of enclosures span the range pf security and item specifications. New enclosures are also being integrated into the system, so the options to best suit your needs are growing.

Keep in mind that there are many things to consider when evaluating inventory management systems. What are your current (stock management) processes? How well do you know your workforce? How spread out is your production area – close together or in multiple buildings? Do you have a current IM system? How would you describe your stock value – does it tend to be high, or low? When seeking your next IM solution, begin with the criteria that suits long term business goals, start with robust software functionality and then add hardware as needed.